Hannes Willemse

Hannes Willemse

ICT Trainer

In-house MikroTik Training expert with certification on most of MikroTik's training portfolio.

Hannes has been part of the MiRO Training team for the past 7 years and is at the forefront of MiRO’s Certified MikroTik training and holds international recognition as a certified MikroTik Trainer.

He has built the MikroTik training to one of MiRO’s most sought after certified training courses, with over 1000 students trained and an average student pass rate of 72%.

Adding to this, Hannes is our resident Solar Power solutions specialist that developed our Zero-to-Hero: PV Solar Solutions training.


  • Grandstream Certified Specialist, Professional and Expert
  • LigoWave DLB and RapidFire
  • SIAE Technical Training
  • IgniteNet MetroLinq
  • Zero-to-Hero Fundamentals range
  • ZKTeco


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
MTCNA In-Class GT:MikroTik Certified Network Associate – In class 3 Days 17/05/2021
MTCNA In-Class NSP:MikroTik Certified Network Associate – In class 3 Days 17/05/2021