Zero-to-Hero: PV Solar Solutions



Hannes Willemse
ICT Trainer

Join the exciting world of “clean electricity”

Hourly the sun produces more energy on earth than what can be used by man on earth in one year.

This basic course will introduce you to the various technologies to use sunlight to create electrical current flow and specialize on DC high sites.

By the end of this course you will have a very good idea of what you will need to power your equipment from sunlight, you will know about the needed equipment to design a safe system and most of all you will be able to identify the so called “fly by night” installers who try to convince you that their low prices offer the same as reputable system suppliers.


Course contend

  • The basics of solar photovoltaic technology.
  • The electrical terminology used with solar photovoltaic technology.
  • The components needed to put a solar PV system together.
  • Analyzing a site and power requirements, basic calculations.


What do you need to do the course?

An open mind and a notebook, engage in the session and ask your questions.


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