Ubiquiti EdgeOS: A Powerful introductory training

Learn all you need to know about Ubiquiti's proprietary EdgeOS router software in this online training.

EdgeOS Technical




Learn the basics of Ubiquiti EdgeOS, their proprietary routing operating software.


In this online training, the focus will be on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Setup, initial login, configuration, sub-menus like NAT, Firewall and DHCP to name a few all the way to configuration backup and firmware upgrade.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1:  What is EdgeOS
  • Chapter 2: Connecting to your EdgeRouter
  • Chapter 3: Best Practices
  • Chapter 4: Basic EdgeRouter setup
  • Chapter 5: Dashboard Overview
  • Chapter 6: Routes Overview
  • Chapter 7: Traffic Analysis Overview
  • Chapter 8: Services Overview
  • Chapter 9: Firewall and NAT Overview
  • Chapter 10: Connecting your EdgeRouter to UNMS

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