Radwin High Capacity PtP/PtMP Training

5 days
Radwin PtP/PtMP


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In Class Training , radwin

Training dates: 19-23 April 2021

Start time: 08:30 am – 05:30  pm

Training Price: R 6 150.00 excl vat

Important Notice:  Due to COVID-19, we will only allow up to 10 seats and will adhere to strict regulations.


This course introduces RADWIN’s RW 2000 PtP and RW5000 PtMP radio systems. We shall discuss the implementations of RADWIN’s PtP/PtMP radios. The course contents include theoretical explanations and based on experience.


Whom must attend:

  • Distributors
  • Partners
  • System Integrators
  • T1 / T2 Support Engineers


Prerequisites Check:

  • Understand RF technology, e.g. Wi-Fi, TDD, FDD
  • Familiar with L2/L3, 802.1p/q, vlans, qos
  • Understand general networking


Required Setup: 

  • Each participant should be equipped with a personal laptop/PC and must support Wi-Fi
  • Internet connection


Provided Collateral:

  • PDF course notes

NB: Participants will be qualified and certified according to their achieved exam grade

Course Objectives:

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to install, configure, provision services & maintain RADWIN’s RW 2000/5000 radio system.


Course Outline:

Day 1: High Capacity PtMP


  • RW5000 Introduction
  • High lights
  • HBS Radio Comparison (JET250, JET750, JET DUO, PRO/AIR
  • HSU Radio Comparison (SU PRO/AIR)
  • Applications (Fixed, Nomadic, Mobility, BH, Private Network, VS, Homeland Security, etc.)
  • Link Components + Architecture
  • Performance/Aggregate data
  • TDD, Transmission Ratio, MIMO, multi-band
  • Interference mitigation

Technology overview – continued:

  • Spectrumview
  • VLAN
  • Q-in-Q
  • QoS


Day 2: High Capacity PtP/PtMP


  • Link Budget Calculator
  • PtP: 

-PtP family

-Radio comparison


-Link Components + Architecture

  • Link Budget Calculator
  • Radwin Manager Introduction
  • Firmware upgrades
  • VLAN setup



Day 3: Installation Best Practice


OJT / Demo / practical Exercise: 

-Link Installation

-Service Commissioning

-Performance Monitoring

-Software upgrade-

-Spectrum Analysis

On Job Training / Instructor’s Demo:

-What problems during installations

-WinTouch for PtMP-

-Best practice for PtP/PtM installation

On Job Training / Instructor’s Demo:

-Reported link problems

-How to fault find

-Tools to assist in analyzing faults

  • Open debate/questions
  • PtMP online exam. No laptop, no exam, no certification



Day 4: RF Planning Tools


  • Link Budget Calculator
  • R-Planner Architecture Overview
  • R-Planner GUI
  • Catalogues
  • Adding Sites / Points
  • Creating Links
  • Managing Link Properties
  • Radio Planning Tools
  • Analysis
  • Generating Reports
  • Create/manage SET
  • More practical





On Job Training / Instructor’s Demo:

-NMS Application Overview


-Adding devices to be monitored

-Alarms and Alerts

  • Administration
  • Maintenance
  • WinDeploy introduction
  • Course Exam
  • Q&A
  • Course Summary






























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