NSP-Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin

2 Days



55 Rapid Street, Unit C2 Waterfall Park Riverside Industrial 1200 Nelspruit South Africa   View map

Training dates: 20-21 May 2021

Start time: 09:00 am – 04:00  pm

Training Price: R3 355 excl vat


Important Notice:  Due to COVID-19, we will only allow up to 10 seats and will adhere to strict regulations.

The Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin course is a two-day, in-class training course focused on the most important concepts in Enterprise Wireless Networking, with special emphasis on best practices for designing/managing UniFi WLANs.  Learn with hands-on lab activities using the latest generation of UniFi APs, as well as the UniFi Controller platform.

What you need:

  • A MS Windows 7/8/10 laptop with full administrative rights, ethernet port and Google Chrome browser
  • Any of the Ubiquiti UniFi products, preferably ac dual band devices

What you will receive:

  • After successful completion of the course and obtaining the required pass mark for the online examination, you will receive an internationally recognised UEWA certificate valid for 2 years.

Course Outline:

  • WLAN Fundamentals:
    • Unlicensed Radio Spectrum
    • Channel Operation
    • Regulatory Domains
    • WLAN Standards
    • Wireless Access Methods
    • Network Equipment
  • WLAN Planning
    • Wireless Technology
    • Coverage and Channels
    • TX Power Gain
    • Antenna Gain
    • Channel Availability
    • Signals vs. Noise
    • Airtime, Capacity and Density
    • Mixed Networks
  • Deployment 
    • Site Surveys
    • Overlap
    • Wiring and PoE
    • Benchmarking
  • Basic Adoption and configuration 
    • Multi-site
    • Layer-2 Adoption
    • WLAN Groups
    • SSID, Security and VLANs
    • Analytics
  • Advanced Adoption and Guests 
    • Cloud hosting
    • Layer-3 Adoption
    • Discovery, SSH DNS and DHCP
    • Minimum RSSI
    • Zero-Handoff Roaming
    • Guest Portal
    • Access Controls
    • Customization

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