NSP- Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin

2 Days



55 Rapid Street, Unit C2 Waterfall Park Riverside Industrial 1200 Nelspruit South Africa   View map

Training dates: 18-19 May 2021

Start Time: 09:00 am – 04:00 pm

Training Price: R 3 355  excl vat


Important Notice:  Due to COVID-19, we will only allow up to 10 seats and will adhere to strict regulations.

The Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin course is a two-day, in-class training course that teaches the most important concepts in Outdoor Wireless Networking, with special emphasis on ho to design, build, manage and troubleshoot WISP networks.  Course materials and lab activities teach with airOS-8 using airMAX AC equipment.

What you need:

  • A MS Windows 7/8/10 laptop with full administrative rights, ethernet port and Google Chrome browser
  • Any of the Ubiquiti airMAX M5/ AC devices for in-class lab activities

What you will receive:

  • After successful completion of the course and obtaining the required pass mark for the online examination, you will receive an internationally recognised UBWA certificate valid for 2 years.

Course Outline:

  • RF Theory
    • Frequency vs. Propagation
    • Unlicensed Bands
    • OFDM Spectral Masks
    • Licensed Frequencies
    • Decibels in RF Systems
    • Free Space Path Loss
    • EIRP
    • Line of Sight and Fresnel Zones
    • Link Power budgets
    • Fade Margin
  • Radio Operation:
    • Standard RF Circuit
    • Carrier Signals
    • Radio Sensitivity
    • Radio Selectivity
    • Signal, Noise and Interference
    • Chains, Data Rates and MIMO
    • Thermal Noise
    • Channel Flexing
    • airPrism Technology
    • Modulation, EVM and Data Rates
  • Antenna Theory
    • What is Gain?
    • Isotropic Radiators
    • Antenna Function
    • Gain, Efficiency and VSWR
    • Gain, Surface Area and Directivity
    • Polar Plots
    • MIMO, Polarisation and XPD
    • Types of Antennas
    • Antenna Alignment
    • Down-tilt, Lobes and Nulls
  • Ubiquiti Service Providers
    • TDMA and airMAX Protocol
    • 802.11, CSMA/CA and Indoor
    • Problem of Hidden Node
    • airMAX-AC, airOS-6 and -8
    • Traffic Shaping and Burst
    • Scalability vs. Performance
    • Security and VLANs
    • airFiber Technology and Protocols
    • airOS Tools and Redundancy
    • Bridged vs. Routed ISP

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