BDCOM GPON Technical Training





Learn how to build your FTTx deployments using BDCOM’s GPON OLTs and ONUs in this entry level one-day training . This is the perfect event for those who are new to BDCOM and GPON deployments as a whole. This training consists of practical labs using the equipment as well as some theory and background information about the labs.

This training includes 10 on-demand video lessons designed to teach you how to use the configure and optimise BDCOM GPON deployments. At the end of this training you will also have the ability to attempt a 25 question quiz, should you pass this quiz you will receive your MiRO Certificate of completion for this training.

Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this training, however a basic understanding of passive fiber technologies would be beneficial. You can check out our Zero-to-Hero: Fiber training if you would like to get a grip on the basics before attending this training.

To follow along with the labs during this training you will need the following equipment:

* This is not required but is strongly recommend as the training consits mainly of practical labs


  • BDCOM-GP3600-04
  • BDCOM-GP3600-08
  • BDCOM-GP3600-16

A GPON SFP module


A BDCOM ONU with onboard WiFi

*  BDCOM OLTs support 3rd party ONUs, the labs however, are built around the BDCOM ONUs specifically

  • BDCOM-GP1704-4GV-22A
  • BDCOM-GP1704-4F-E





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