Kgotso Kobo

Kgotso Kobo

Product Manager

Product Manager at MiRO for Carrier Wireless and Grandstream VoIP Solutions

Kgotso Kobo is an accomplished trainer with a proven track record of empowering customer through fundamental training in Wireless, Wi-Fi, VoIP and IP Surveillance.  He is also MiRO’s in-house Grandstream Expert Trainer.  Kgotso is one of the highest-ranked trainers due to his extraordinary ability to make training relatable and enjoyable.

Kgotso holds internationally recognised certifications from MiRO’s top vendors such as Ubiquiti, Cambium, LigoWave, Grandstream, IgniteNet and many more.

Now part of the Product Management team, Kgotso heads up the licensed carrier wireless solutions as well as Grandstream range of VoIP solutions.